Sunday, 1 November 2009

reflecting hearts

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

William Wordsworth


hmm. you know what, this "blogging" thing, actually, i kinda like it.
it maybe began with sort of obligation -for my final grade- which made me stressed out. i have no writing skills for heaven's sake! i didn't know what am i going to write! movie review? some informative news? photo sharing? my activities? etc. i really had no idea! TOTALLY BLANK! i didn't know when to start, where to start!

that's why i named it "The Long Morrow"

then, when i had to begin to write for my first post, it really sucked! so lame! i tried and tried [talked about movie, current-affair, politics, education!! GOSH! hahahah]. and the result was NOTHING!

so, i decided to sit back, listened to music, and suddenly i got my a-ha moment! i started to type and type and type everything that went in my mind, i tried to speak something that i couldn't say with my mouth, everything that i kept in my heart, it just burst into words, not much but it's really from the deepest of my heart.

yeah it's funny, when you hardly try to do something just for formality, and you don't really mean it, it's just like a rubbish, trash! unimportant, meaningless. but if you use your heart, with passion, and not being intimidated by your own work, you'll find it fascinating, easy and you'll be pleased with the result. that's what i feel with this writing thing. maybe i am not really great writer, i often used repetition, grammar errors, yeah that stuffs, but i do this because i want it, because it came from my heart.

whisper your heart fella.



...AdikrisnA_nyez... said...

hohow,,, great job laa...

sbnrnya blogging itu gak harus punya kemampuan nulis,gak harus dibuat dengan grammar yg baik,blogging cuma media curahan hati..
*hahahah,,gue mendalami teori katarsis*
bisa suka2,,,bebas berekspresi,,cuma itu yang lo butuh...hehe

dan sejauh yang gue liat,,
tulisan lo meaningful kok...... ^__^
kdg jg bs menggerakkan hati.. *jiah*

keep writing yaaa laa!

FINA said...

i think you do have writing skills, well in my opinion because i like reading ur writings. they're good. maybe because it's from the deepest of your heart kind of thing that made them good but they are. anyway don't worry too much about the grammar mistakes. everyone do that, even natives. oh btw, the thing about being intimated with your own work, yesssssss i def feel it ;)

laura said...

makasi makasi anda2 menyemangati saya!
ayolah cici! kamu bisaaa! hahahah

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