Monday, 23 November 2009

november rain

Rain showers my spirit
and waters my soul.

Emily Logan Decens

this night,
sit back with a sip of hot chocolate
jazz fills surround
and rain is falling outside the window

the scene of chocolate
cures every inch of pain and weight
refill the joy
pull away the darkness
brings back the memories
lighten mood

the rhythm of falling rain
the melodies of jazz
the bitter of chocolate

one word:


FINA said...

love the description! c'est parfait, certes. ;) finally u tried the choco eh? good, isn't it?

laura said...

kmren gw coba cari di giant, adanya tarik tea gitu dari malay! hahaha. blm sempet ke foodhall euy!

Virna said...

titip nyokap gw aja ntar kalo ke pasar puriii, hahaaa XD

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