Monday, 16 November 2009

through the window

through the window, seeing the real world


i am sitting next to the window...
what am i thinking? Lots..
Mostly about "what will happen in the future?"
"what will i be?"

through the window
i have seen small part of the world.
i have seen homeless people, the wealthy, huts, "castle", tears, laugh, frown, smile, loner, couple, family...
those are just a tiny part of our world.
and i am just a spot among others.

through the window
i'm seeing the sky.
it's grey, cloudy, and i smelled rain.
i heard thunder, i see lightning.
the trees are dancing with the windblows.
what a view!
view that i have never enjoyed before.

through the window
i'm typing this piece..
and i'm still waiting for the snow.
could it be?

through the window
raindrops are banging like rock.
people are running, looking for a shelter.
why they didn't stay?
stay under the falling rain, dancing in the rain.
then they will understand, how god loves them.

through the window
no rain.
it's time to find a rainbow, and hope everything will be alright.
now and then.

through the window


FINA said...

new style, eh? almost like a poem so in other words, it's quite poetic. love the idea about how we are just a tiny part of the world. and hey rain is nice sans the traffic it causes!

laura said...

yeah. it was spontaneous !
aimless actually, but i kinda like this style! hihihi.

Virna said...

... and through my window, I can see the train passing by like every 10 minutes XD
this one is good ;)

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