Friday, 25 February 2011

remarkable love story

The more I know of the world, the more I am convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love. 

Jane Austen

Jane Austen, love story and happy ending. She made some beautiful stories. I bet you know the famous one, Pride and Prejudice, or Sense and Sensibility, or Emma, or Persuasion, and more. On Becoming Jane, Jane Austen (played by Anne Hathaway) says “My characters shall have, after a little trouble, all that they desire”. If you read or watched Pride and Prejudice, or Sense and Sensibility, all the characters are eventually end up together with the men they loved, live happily ever after. I haven’t got a chance to finish Pride and Prejudice novel, but the movie tells much.

I watched Becoming Jane today for the third time. I laughed, I cried, and sighed at the same scene (last scene where Jane met another Jane, daughter of Tom Lefroy). Watching a remarkable love story of Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy, gives an agony and contentment at the same time. She loved the man. She believed that affection is a must in every relationship, but she gave up her love, because she cared too much with his family, his life. She died at 41, unmarried. What about Tom Lefroy? He eventually married with Mary Paul, but he named his eldest daughter Jane Christmas Lefroy. Thoughts? After Jane Austen? Well yes according to Becoming Jane. The truth? Nobody knows.

Again, nobody knows exactly how much she was in love with him, but according to her letter to her sister, Cassandra (who also remained unmarried), we can tell that there’s something between them.

"At length the Day is come on which I am to flirt my last with Tom Lefroy, & when you receive this it will be over--My tears flow as I write, at the melancholy idea."

letter to Cassandra
January 15, 1796 [2]

You can read the rests here

Jane Austen began to write First Impression (later Pride and Prejudice) after she met Tom Lefroy, some believe the main characters, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy reflect Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy, their stories, how they met, but she gave Elizabeth her truly desire, Mr. Darcy.

My point is there’s always a reason behind an action, Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy didn’t end up together, but it’s for their own good, I suppose. If (I said IF) they ended up together, maybe (I also said MAYBE) we will never get a chance to read her amazing novels. 

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Better a thousand times careful than once dead.


hey people, please THINK!!

today, i had a very bad day! i wished i could went back home before late, but i found out that TransJakarta, destination to Ragunan were not temporarily operating.

a minute later, my mom told me that there was an accident earlier. a 5-yo kid was dead because he was accidentally crashed by TransJakarta.

you can read the news here

after that accident, local people has blockaded the bus-way, and you can tell the impact; hundreds (or maybe thousands, i was one of the victim) of people were neglected, they can't return back to their home, they have been depending their daily-transportation with TransJakarta, and because of this accident, they had to find another alternatives.

i'm not saying that the driver was innocent, he has to pay attention to the road in the first place, so this accident won't happen, I also would like to send my deepest condolences to his family, but come on, you know the rules, there are HUNDREDS OF BRIDGES here in Jakarta for Heaven's sake (sorry, i'm exaggerating). you can use that. people should not cross the road whenever they want to. it's FORBIDDEN ! Note that ! you can easily find the nearest JPO (Jembatan Penyeberangan Orang), it may takes several minutes (3 minutes max, i counted it), but it's safe.

come on, let's change this habit, use the JPO, our lives are way more precious than the idea of crossing the road freely, and out of the blue the giant bus just stormed out, then BANG, you're in different world now, seriously? seriously?! SERIOUSLY!?

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

define 'happy ending' ...!

"each happy ending is a brand new beginning"

Ever Ever After

how do you explain 'happy ending'?
how do you picture your 'happy ending' scene?
when you finally decided to tie the knot with your 'the-one', is that 'happy ending'?

i googled 'define happy ending', and here's the first definition (from the list) of 'happy ending' :

"A happy ending is an ending of the plot of a work of fiction in which almost everything turns out for the best for the hero or heroine, their sidekicks, and almost everyone except the villains."

so, people are the one who create 'happy ending', and based on that definition, 'happy ending' doesn't mean that the main actors finally lived happily ever after (together), i suppose. When i asked my friends for movie recommendation, sometimes i get "but, it's a 'sad ending', laa, they're not together" sentence, ooh, it's okay then, i still want to watch the movie.

Well, as a viewer (and) dreamer who grew up with Disney's Princess' Fairytale, i assume that it has built my definition of 'happy ending'. The Princess will live happily ever after with the Prince Charming, and the bad one will be punished of what has he done. But as I grow up, i realize that life is not that simple, you can't just begging for help and suddenly out of nowhere your prince charming will finally save you from the villain, and voila! you'll finally be together. hey! the truth is life is pain in the ass.! There's a loads of considerations, choices, and many things that matters. You can't just meet a fine man on the street, and few days later you're end up together, oooh, grow up.!

So when Rory Gilmore rejected Logan Huntzberger's proposal, or when Lorelai Gilmore broke up with Luke Danes though she's still in love with him, or when Izzie Stevens left Alex Karev after she was cured from cancer, or when Beth and Adam decided to run their lives in different city, or when all women in Guido's life left him, or when Sophie and Julien put an end to their life together, that's not exactly 'sad ending' for me, i reckon the director has their own perspective of happy-ending, because they still live happily-ever-after (with their own ways) though they're not end up together.

what's my 'happy ending' scene?

aah, only God knows. *sigh*