Sunday, 16 May 2010

problems : 3 x 3

But everyday problems are very mixed - they're not clear

Erno Rubik

i've been spending time with Rubik's lately.

trying to complete those three layers, and 6 sides.

it's totally hard, confusing, fun and exciting !

take much efforts to solve the cube

turn it right

turn it left


and down

till I get the right pattern!

well, i think, that's how we suppose to see our problems.

we, human, have many problems. sometimes we feel like ours is the most horrible-unsolved problem in the world, but there's always a way to solve it. *wink*

you could try many ways to find the right pattern. right, left, maybe up or down.

seek from every side.

there's always a chance.!

and when you finally accomplish it, you've already had a trick to face the future *wink*

go Rubik's ! go !

Saturday, 1 May 2010

and rain will wash away what's past

“One more day all on my own.

One more day with him not caring.

What a life I might have known.

But he never saw me there!”

Les Miserables


i'm looking at the blinking cursor.

bringing back the memories, picture of you.

you walked down the aisle.

with that infectious smile.

though i knew it was not right

though i knew you'll never be mine.

but still..

you have entered my life.

and i feel no regret, though it hurts so extremely bad.

"you're here, that's all i need to know" :)