Thursday, 12 November 2009

pride and the downfall

Pride comes before a fall


i am not in the good mood.

here is the thing.
you are going to communication school but several people couldn't communicate in a good way, and then -voila- bloody mis-understanding happens!


"you thought you were right, sir??
come on! admit it!
you were wrong!

and you wrecked my day.

made everything became useless!

lesson from this: i will bring a recording tape!

ok. that's not what am i going to say.

i need to write about "too proud" people.


what do you get from you pride? some say, it is important to have a pride, but if it becomes too much, then it's all wrong! people will act like "i am the one who's right! you should respect me, do whatever i told to. because i have the obligation. the superior! and i am better and more important than you!"

hell no!

pride is your downfall, fella!
time will reveal.



Virna said...

hey what happened?

tell me tell me tell me..

come here come here come here..


FINA said...

What's happened??? I'm really curious. Anyway, you're right about pride being the downfall because pride is one of the seven deadly sins. So watch out people!

...AdikrisnA_nyez... said...

yeah yeah. you have said that.
i trully agree!!!

laura said...

1 word : HELL

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