Monday, 23 November 2009

november rain

Rain showers my spirit
and waters my soul.

Emily Logan Decens

this night,
sit back with a sip of hot chocolate
jazz fills surround
and rain is falling outside the window

the scene of chocolate
cures every inch of pain and weight
refill the joy
pull away the darkness
brings back the memories
lighten mood

the rhythm of falling rain
the melodies of jazz
the bitter of chocolate

one word:

Saturday, 21 November 2009

capture the moment

A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety

Ansel Adams

i really want to press the shutter right now.
capture every moment of time, and make a portfolio of life.
see the world through the lens,
the smile,
the frown,
and also
though every pose is well-nigh lies, at least someday it would take you back in time.
reminisce the old times, either it good or bad.
pictures would tell you its own story,
story, not only the object but also the man behind the gun.
story, about what one feels, idealism, and freedom to express one's dream.
story of life.

press the shutter, freeze the object, and let's capture the moment.


Monday, 16 November 2009

through the window

through the window, seeing the real world


i am sitting next to the window...
what am i thinking? Lots..
Mostly about "what will happen in the future?"
"what will i be?"

through the window
i have seen small part of the world.
i have seen homeless people, the wealthy, huts, "castle", tears, laugh, frown, smile, loner, couple, family...
those are just a tiny part of our world.
and i am just a spot among others.

through the window
i'm seeing the sky.
it's grey, cloudy, and i smelled rain.
i heard thunder, i see lightning.
the trees are dancing with the windblows.
what a view!
view that i have never enjoyed before.

through the window
i'm typing this piece..
and i'm still waiting for the snow.
could it be?

through the window
raindrops are banging like rock.
people are running, looking for a shelter.
why they didn't stay?
stay under the falling rain, dancing in the rain.
then they will understand, how god loves them.

through the window
no rain.
it's time to find a rainbow, and hope everything will be alright.
now and then.

through the window

Sunday, 15 November 2009

run to the edge of the earth

All children are artists, and it is an indictment of our culture that so many of them lose their creativity, their unfettered imaginations, as they grow older.

Madeleine L'Engle

i came to Kite Museum 2 days ago.
it's a great place, very cozy.

i met bunch of kids from Japan International School. they intended to have some workshops in Kite Museum.
my first impression of those kids is they're very independent!
97 kids visited Kite Museum with only 2 teachers.
they brought their own lunch, they prepared their own carpet, they ate together, picked up their trashes, everything was arranged, and they were stick to their time.
and one thing that amazed me, they arranged their shoes in line. one line. in one ordered line!


it surprised me, because before i met those Japanese kids, i also met bunch of kindergarten kids from Indonesia.
and if i need to compare them, GOD! as an Indonesian, i feel ashamed!
though, it's international school, but Indonesian, is still Indonesian.
those cute-and-smart kids seemed very spoiled, they didn't want to try, too pride, and they couldn't able to stand on their feet.
and their parents, didn't give any chance to let their kids learn to be independent. they seemed too worried, lacked faith.
one thing that amused me, it was a workshop for the kids, opportunities for the kids to express their art, but it seemed the teachers were more excited than them.
and their shoes! ha! don't ask!
just imagine : you go to the 70% off SHOES SALES.

there's no one to blame. it's our spoiled culture. everything that had been taught, just a piece of unmemorable shit!
sorry to say, but it's the truth!
even the most expensive school could not change this phenomenon.
it has already lived in our blood.
we've never allowed to have our own journey, we had many "NOs"and "DON'Ts"
too much dictation, everything based on textbook, but never consider the reality
everything seems ideal, but it doesn't!!!
that what made us non-independent kind of person.

how to change this phenomenon?
how to be independent?

me :
i will let them run.


Thursday, 12 November 2009

pride and the downfall

Pride comes before a fall


i am not in the good mood.

here is the thing.
you are going to communication school but several people couldn't communicate in a good way, and then -voila- bloody mis-understanding happens!


"you thought you were right, sir??
come on! admit it!
you were wrong!

and you wrecked my day.

made everything became useless!

lesson from this: i will bring a recording tape!

ok. that's not what am i going to say.

i need to write about "too proud" people.


what do you get from you pride? some say, it is important to have a pride, but if it becomes too much, then it's all wrong! people will act like "i am the one who's right! you should respect me, do whatever i told to. because i have the obligation. the superior! and i am better and more important than you!"

hell no!

pride is your downfall, fella!
time will reveal.


Monday, 9 November 2009

always a bridesmaid, never a bride

Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts. Don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours.
Align Centre

Mary Schmich

I'm back. ;)

I've just watched 27 dresses [again!]. though it's very predictable, but it's still funny.
and when i was watching this movie, i realized something and suddenly i felt PANG!

here is the problem.

The main character, Jane Nichols is a very idealistic, energetic, smart, and independent woman. She has a good career, she has a great slutty-and-cynical best friend, but she has one mistake! she has never said NO in her entire life.!
She can’t speak up for herself to get what she wants or say no to any request, no matter how insane it may be.

yeah! yes, yes, yes!

most of times, we [or specifically, ME] are having difficulty for saying NO to any request. it's like a bad habit actually, i mean, when you are trying to please anybody by doing everything they asked, it same like you are killing yourself. you just like being puppet, robot! [where in the world have i been??].

i don't mean to be rude, actually i make this post because i want to wake my self up!
you know what, when i saw Jane's case, it was like seeing my reflection! ok, sometimes i tried to be brave to say NO. but most of times, i just couldn't resist it.

i noted this line from 27 dresses :

"You'd rather focus on other people's Kodak moments than make memories of your ow

oh no! i don't want that happen! i want to remember every single moment in my life, every step, every
breath. what's the point if i always trying to please everybody but i've never ever get my own moments and never feel pleased of myself??

i wanna learn how to put myself in appropriate time and place, so when i have to say YES, then i'll say YES, and if not, i'll say NO in a polite way. Saying "no" is not a sin! and i need to learn how to say "no". i believe it's hard, i feel so guilty for saying NO, but i really need to TRY IT! though it may be hurt other's feeling, but i think a true friend will try to understand why you had to say “no”, even if it takes them a few days (or weeks or months) to get over it.

i need to give my self sort of priorities, take care of my own problem, and speak up for myself.
i want to find my own KODAK moments. i don't wanna miss it.
wish me luck!


Monday, 2 November 2009

a cone of strawberry sorbet

Always show the you in you that makes you the you that you are.

Chidinma Obietikponah

I'm not feeling well right now.
is it because of a scoop of strawberry sorbet?
ha! i don't think so, strawberry sorbet gave me another lesson!


you know, strawberry sorbet offers you a different flavor, it soft, light and refreshing. it doesn't require an ice cream maker, it's pure but it's still delicious.

I'd like to draw an analogy between strawberry sorbet and being different!

yap! in this life, we should have our principles.
you don't have to struggle to be another person! just be you! it is not about how to be perfect, how to fit in your community, the truth is if they're really good for you, then they should appreciate whoever kind of person you are. be different fella! find your own personality, your own path to live in this world, don't be a anybody's puppet! you are who you are. then others will take you the way you are.
being different is not a crime. that what makes our world colorful!

well, try to be strawberry sorbet, when the other flavors offer the same taste, strawberry sorbet gives it own flavor. unique, and people still love it!

dare to be different fella, it makes you more valuable!



Sunday, 1 November 2009

reflecting hearts

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

William Wordsworth


hmm. you know what, this "blogging" thing, actually, i kinda like it.
it maybe began with sort of obligation -for my final grade- which made me stressed out. i have no writing skills for heaven's sake! i didn't know what am i going to write! movie review? some informative news? photo sharing? my activities? etc. i really had no idea! TOTALLY BLANK! i didn't know when to start, where to start!

that's why i named it "The Long Morrow"

then, when i had to begin to write for my first post, it really sucked! so lame! i tried and tried [talked about movie, current-affair, politics, education!! GOSH! hahahah]. and the result was NOTHING!

so, i decided to sit back, listened to music, and suddenly i got my a-ha moment! i started to type and type and type everything that went in my mind, i tried to speak something that i couldn't say with my mouth, everything that i kept in my heart, it just burst into words, not much but it's really from the deepest of my heart.

yeah it's funny, when you hardly try to do something just for formality, and you don't really mean it, it's just like a rubbish, trash! unimportant, meaningless. but if you use your heart, with passion, and not being intimidated by your own work, you'll find it fascinating, easy and you'll be pleased with the result. that's what i feel with this writing thing. maybe i am not really great writer, i often used repetition, grammar errors, yeah that stuffs, but i do this because i want it, because it came from my heart.

whisper your heart fella.