Tuesday, 25 January 2011

hello stranger..

“The past is not dead. In fact, it's not even past.”

William Faulkener

Last few days, I got tiny surprises from universe; people from the past have marched into my life. Some were (too) nice, some were unexpectedly annoying, and some were confusing. Those people played important role in some chapters of my life, it’s like ages, haven’t heard from them, haven’t read from them, and all of the sudden they rebounded at almost same time.

I could hardly ignore them though some of them were quite distressing. But, how could it happen? Universe seems telling me that I could not erase what’s in the past, and only care about present or future time. There’s always a reason behind an action, the reappearance from those people might be a sign of unresolved things from the past that could affect my future. But my question here, how we deal with those people? It’s been a long effing time; you could not just be super nice, because it’s weird, pretty weird.


Sekar Chrisalit said...

btw, so funny because last night in my dream there was a weird sudden occurance of someone in the past. it's very weird, i can tell, because i never think of that person, at least not anymore.
somehow, i believe in dreams. it's like something beneath my consciousness is trying to tell me something.
btw, is this relevant to your post? *main komen aje ane*

laura said...

a bit out of topic sih, i maen, this is not a dream, but really happen in reality, creepy.

Sekar Chrisalit said...

Umm. perhaps it just fits the idea of "Universe seems telling me that I could not erase what's in the past, and only care about present or future time." *smirk*
*tetep maksa biar nyambung*

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