Tuesday, 1 February 2011

define 'happy ending' ...!

"each happy ending is a brand new beginning"

Ever Ever After

how do you explain 'happy ending'?
how do you picture your 'happy ending' scene?
when you finally decided to tie the knot with your 'the-one', is that 'happy ending'?

i googled 'define happy ending', and here's the first definition (from the list) of 'happy ending' :

"A happy ending is an ending of the plot of a work of fiction in which almost everything turns out for the best for the hero or heroine, their sidekicks, and almost everyone except the villains."

so, people are the one who create 'happy ending', and based on that definition, 'happy ending' doesn't mean that the main actors finally lived happily ever after (together), i suppose. When i asked my friends for movie recommendation, sometimes i get "but, it's a 'sad ending', laa, they're not together" sentence, ooh, it's okay then, i still want to watch the movie.

Well, as a viewer (and) dreamer who grew up with Disney's Princess' Fairytale, i assume that it has built my definition of 'happy ending'. The Princess will live happily ever after with the Prince Charming, and the bad one will be punished of what has he done. But as I grow up, i realize that life is not that simple, you can't just begging for help and suddenly out of nowhere your prince charming will finally save you from the villain, and voila! you'll finally be together. hey! the truth is life is pain in the ass.! There's a loads of considerations, choices, and many things that matters. You can't just meet a fine man on the street, and few days later you're end up together, oooh, grow up.!

So when Rory Gilmore rejected Logan Huntzberger's proposal, or when Lorelai Gilmore broke up with Luke Danes though she's still in love with him, or when Izzie Stevens left Alex Karev after she was cured from cancer, or when Beth and Adam decided to run their lives in different city, or when all women in Guido's life left him, or when Sophie and Julien put an end to their life together, that's not exactly 'sad ending' for me, i reckon the director has their own perspective of happy-ending, because they still live happily-ever-after (with their own ways) though they're not end up together.

what's my 'happy ending' scene?

aah, only God knows. *sigh*


Sekar Chrisalit said...

happy ending depends on how you define 'happy', and i guess it is varied. what you think is 'happy' may be not defined as 'happy' by other. Frankly speaking, I don't really believe in 'happy ending'. Probably it's because I don't know how to define 'ending'. When I can make my dreams come true, is it my 'happy ending'? Life goes on, it's not the 'ending' just yet. I guess every human being has the same ending.. you know what I mean.

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