Monday, 10 January 2011

nothing lasts forever

"everything in life is temporary"


realize or not, the word "will" if it being used with the word "forever" will turned out to be one shit of bullshit. as a naive teenager, when it comes to relationship, new partner, the couple often use the word "will" and followed by "forever". "i will always love you, forever", "i will never leave you, forever", "i will be at your side, forever", and other "will, forever"s.

i ever used that word ONCE. and it turned out completely rubbish. the ideal and perfect sentence changed into "oh yes, i will hate you, forever". was that really forever? no, because as time went by, i just felt nothing. not love, or even hate. it's just a matter of time. nothing lasts forever. So, will and forever are not a best pair, especially when it comes into the love/hate situation. just enjoy the process. because time will heal the wounds.


Sekar Chrisalit said...

btw the word "i will always love you, forever" is kinda awkward, laa. we normally don't use always and forever, except for poetical language. *salah fokus* *maklum anak bahasa* hahaha.
I'm signing out! *keburu dikejar laura*

laura said...

aah! abis nulis ini, trus di angkot gw berpikir "ada yg aneh", dan baru kepikir "maksudnya mau nulis 'ill love you, forever', tapi trus, yasudaaaalaah.

anak sastra berbicara, hands up! :D

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