Friday, 21 January 2011

diamonds are not girl's best friend anymore

by the time my feet touched that place, i knew i was entering a new different world.

i grew up in (you can call it) the suburb, where (as my gay-best-friend said) everything was like a "pretty-candy-powerpuff-world" (yes. i hate you, dear!). well, i met some people who secretly chose a different path for their orientation. but, as a kid and naive teenager, it didn't bug me much.

as the time went by, when i was applying for one particular university, the "LGBT" started to convey who they are. some of my friends, even members of family warned me about this issue, they tried to convince me to choose another institution. But hey, you could not be apathetic, and keep avoiding this issue. now, we are living in a different world, so what's wrong with them? They're still human. Some changes have occurred, environment, social life has affected human’s identity, and that there are some “sexual minorities”.
ok. Some has already accepted this identity, but there are some people who still interpret this gender issues as their own terms, "resistance identity" group. but hey, we live in a democratic world, there’s no point of avoiding the existence of LGBT. It’s about human’s identity.

so? what's wrong with having gay friends? some of them become my close friends, we respect each other, and still living in our chosen path (yes! i still love man). oooh, they can give you suggestions, tricks to find a good man :)

so.. enough with those smirks and snorts, because when you are still busy making a big cover of your identity, they have already shined as they way they are *yes, i mean you, dear :D*

for additional reading : this and Human Communication by Littlejohn and Foss about "Queer Theory".


Sekar Chrisalit said...

oh this one is so 'unyu'. I guess you have to tag ur friend here. *well i've been playing with my facebook too much lols*
anyway, I agree.
We live in a world where the majority has been claimed as the 'truth', the one that is 'genuinely true'; the thing that can't be compromised, and everybody should accept!
Thus, being different is considered as a sin. And btw, I also hate how people judge other people just because they're different or the minority. Only God can judge. And human interpretation towards everything is often (always) biased.

laura said...

btw, why are you using 'genuinely true' so much lately?

Sekar Chrisalit said...

because I'm kinda promoting my blog.
everyone, pls visit:

laura said...

gila ! royalti ! LOL !

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