Thursday, 10 February 2011


Better a thousand times careful than once dead.


hey people, please THINK!!

today, i had a very bad day! i wished i could went back home before late, but i found out that TransJakarta, destination to Ragunan were not temporarily operating.

a minute later, my mom told me that there was an accident earlier. a 5-yo kid was dead because he was accidentally crashed by TransJakarta.

you can read the news here

after that accident, local people has blockaded the bus-way, and you can tell the impact; hundreds (or maybe thousands, i was one of the victim) of people were neglected, they can't return back to their home, they have been depending their daily-transportation with TransJakarta, and because of this accident, they had to find another alternatives.

i'm not saying that the driver was innocent, he has to pay attention to the road in the first place, so this accident won't happen, I also would like to send my deepest condolences to his family, but come on, you know the rules, there are HUNDREDS OF BRIDGES here in Jakarta for Heaven's sake (sorry, i'm exaggerating). you can use that. people should not cross the road whenever they want to. it's FORBIDDEN ! Note that ! you can easily find the nearest JPO (Jembatan Penyeberangan Orang), it may takes several minutes (3 minutes max, i counted it), but it's safe.

come on, let's change this habit, use the JPO, our lives are way more precious than the idea of crossing the road freely, and out of the blue the giant bus just stormed out, then BANG, you're in different world now, seriously? seriously?! SERIOUSLY!?


Sekar Chrisalit said...

eh seriously it's called JPO - Jembatan Penyebrangan Orang? Such an ugly name! No wonder people have no interest toward it. lols *jk
Ah, Indonesians. If I can put them (us?) into sentences, it would be: wish the best, expect the worst.
or probably we need strict rules for it. Things related to fine and stuff. :/

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