Tuesday, 27 October 2009

to whom it may concern

Marriage is not about age; it's about finding the right person. "

Sophia Bush

first of all, please note that i just want to give an opinion, "my from-the-deepest-of-my-heart-kind-of opinion" in my point of view about this marriage thing, so no offense for anyone who wants to get married at young age. ok.

here we go,

being 20 something is bloody hard! yeah, it's the time when you will hear words "marriage" many times, over and oveeeer again.

well, marriage.
marriage is a HUGE STEP of your life. i mean, once u get married, it will last for forever. u have to work for it.
yeah. FOREVER. so u have to think of it zillion times, at least u need to "truly" believed and have faith in your husband-to-be.
Getting married at young age, some of you maybe ever think about it. it's your choice. i don't say that getting married in young age is bad for you, but my questions in my mind are " are you really mean it? are you prepared for this?", come on, it is not like you're having a bad relationship , and suddenly you can ditched everything up, find another man, and start again from the beginning, and live happily ever after. please, it's not a fairytale, everything is not as perfect as in the movie, guys!

hmm. actually, i'm not a big fan of this "getting married in young age", so it's very disturbing when i came to family gathering and all they could say just "where is your boyfriend? when will you get married?" . PLEASE! I'M 20, too young to think about MARRIAGE.
well, my role model [read: mum] was 30, when she decided to get married. and she still can be my bestfriend and my mother at the same time (i mean most of people think that married in a young age can make you have a perfect amity with your kids).
but in fact, with their "we don't have anything in common anymore" reason, which very cliché for me, many of young couples nowadays will end up in divorces. as you've seen in tv, or read in magazines, there are lots and lots and loots of divorces. God! Marriage is not to have anything in common, for Heaven's sake! everybody is different! it's about how you make those differences blend together, with share, respect each other, and struggle together! you have to fight for it!

so, for me, i really love sophia bush's quote above, that "Marriage is not about age; it's about finding the right person", who cares if i will end up married at my 20-ish 30-ish, 40-ish, whatsoever. what's to hurry? i need to fulfil my dreams, i want to travel around the world, i want to do crazy things, i want to enjoy my life, i want to be independent, have a nice career, live in my own apartment - with or without a man - . a-ha!

but once again, it's about your choice, your preparation, your thoughts, and your time. i believe that everything in ourlives will happen for a reason.
so guys, marriage is not something to worry about. you'll find a man in a right time. sit back and relax. enjoy your time.

from the deepest of my heart,



FINA said...

hahhaa you know about what they say, third time's a charm! finally I'm succeeded in posting a comment. Anyway I must say that this one is really well-written in my opinion and really is the from-the-deepest-of-my-heart kind of opinion. I absolutely agree about it! hahahha

Virna said...

setujaa sama ciciii and it's really from the deepest of your heart because it's very touching! :p But I think after u have a relationship with someone and looks like that he's the one, u will change ure mind honey. As your fav quote says, "Marriage is not about age; it's about finding the right person". Who knows u will find your Mr. Right Guy next week and get married next year? hahaha.. You can still travel around the world, do crazy things and have a great career TOGETHER, right? ;)

laura said...

yeah ajivir, who knows?? there's always a probability in this life. and like i said in my older post, maybe someday, when the right time, right place, ill find the mr. right! hahahah.
yeah, nobody knows.

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