Sunday, 19 December 2010

Chapter 22 :

December, 19th 2010.
03.16 AM

dear Lord Jesus,
thank you for the wonderful journey that you gave me in previous year.
i'm thankful for every moment that i've been through, every step that i've taken, the ups and downs, bitter or sweet memories.
i'm just a little girl who just opened the new chapter of my life.
i'm not wishing for the stars, nor the moon.
this year, i need your guidance, and strength to run this utter world, to chase my dreams.
i'm absolutely nothing without You.

please, bless my family, bless my friends, all the people that i loved.
You've sent them to me, to bring joy and cheer, to lift me through good times and bad times.
i wanna be a good person, to care and love them all.

i believe that you've prepared a new adventures for me. a new chapter.
achievements, obstacles, tears and joy, i would enjoy every second of it.

dear Lord Jesus,
i slip a little prayer for one superwoman.
she's my bestfriend, my guardian angel, my beloved mother.
bless her, watch her.
i wouldn't be here without her.
she might has wrinkles and grey hair, but she will always be my best friend, my supermom.

dear Lord Jesus,
send me Your Angel, give me Your light.
i'm a little girl who eager to know Your plan.
i'm a litlle girl who ready to start Your plan.
i'm a little girl who just opened a new chapter of life.
Chapter 22.

thank you.


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