Sunday, 16 May 2010

problems : 3 x 3

But everyday problems are very mixed - they're not clear

Erno Rubik

i've been spending time with Rubik's lately.

trying to complete those three layers, and 6 sides.

it's totally hard, confusing, fun and exciting !

take much efforts to solve the cube

turn it right

turn it left


and down

till I get the right pattern!

well, i think, that's how we suppose to see our problems.

we, human, have many problems. sometimes we feel like ours is the most horrible-unsolved problem in the world, but there's always a way to solve it. *wink*

you could try many ways to find the right pattern. right, left, maybe up or down.

seek from every side.

there's always a chance.!

and when you finally accomplish it, you've already had a trick to face the future *wink*

go Rubik's ! go !


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