Sunday, 28 March 2010

8.35. hearing my own heart.

sometimes seems real.
sometimes bring happiness.
sometimes unpredictable.
sometimes miserable.
sometimes out of control.
sometimes impossible.
sometimes easy.
sometimes hard to find.
sometimes rotten.
sometimes absurd.
sometimes untouchable.
sometimes genuine.
sometimes numb.
sometimes silly.
sometimes complicated.
sometimes blind.
sometimes retarded.



most of times ...



KarSkarSekar said...

hmm. i gonna comment on this with something.
a poem? well you may say that. a lyric? ok, though i don't have the tone.
but here we go:

It's amazing how love makes me say a name in my every morning prayer,
Sets my soul on fire,
And lifts my happiness higher and higher.
Though I know there is almost no possibility
To make all dreams come to reality;
Almost no chance for you and me.

Well, it's amazing how love can stand
With one foot and one hand.
I know it's incomplete,
Yet it's strong with a constant heart beat.

See how amazing love can be,
Though it may not end up happy.
Funny, but for every hurt, I have no care,
Cause this love is what to share.

I just want to love you.
An active verb. :)

that's how i see love.
*jadi curcol. maap yee. :p

laura said...

dan gw tersentuuuuuuh!!!!
indaaaaaaaah !!! harus di kasih ke kakak! hahahaha

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